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    With this specially designed version of the popular app, you use Snap mode to connect with friends near and far while you watch TV or play a game. Whether your long-term goal is to get married and start a family or to set sail around the world in a sailboat built for two, you start in the same place: on a first date. I completely came back to reality and realized the terrible mistake I did. I started scolding myself about my impatience and started thinking “She had dressed well and it seems she is getting mentally prepared, but I’ve spoiled her mood by behaving in such a way.

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    In interviews she did to promote "Cyrano Agency," Park Shin-Hye stated that with her young age and inexperience in feature films, she didn't feel the need to land a starring role.[3] Park Shin-Hye also stated that peers she admires is actor Park Hie-Sun & actress Ko Du-Shim.[4] I could be having a worst day but the moment I see you at your movies ("Heart Blackened", "My Annoying Brother", "The Royal Tailor", "Miracle In Cell #7"....) stage greetings, that all changes. You shine with your charisma and inner confidence while staying humble. I watched your dramas recently "The Heirs" and "Pinocchio", I really like your roles. I followed you here while watching "Temperature of Love", I was surprised! Eonnie, I've been watching your TV show on 3meals a Day, I really liked you and Ok Taecyeon. And now there's circulation that you'll star with Kim Soo Hyun in a new drama "A Coffee to Go". I'm still waiting for a reunion drama with Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yonghwa. She immediately became my favourite Korean actress and I watch anything she's in. I hope that the MINSHIN couple will last and i wish that you will became a real couple in life!!!!! & unless she's planning on doing sth about her stiff acting & expressionless face she needs to reconsider her career choice. Again, hoping you have a great life and thanks for the memories of the great characters you play in the Kdramas. I love everything she is in which is a first for me but i seriously have not seen a drama where she isn't an entertaining character and at first i didnt even know who she was i just kept recognizing her. b(^_^)d kamsa hamnida i dont wach tv alot espicialy in out country.ilove wach to korea tv. ilove park shinehye.iwach her movie all you are fit with jang geunsuk you look so hot couple...see you in next drama with jang geun suk hi park shne hye..ilike you somuch ..i never wach tv inour country or making ido in my country couse idont like .. I'm looking forward to more movies and dramas from you this year. Shinhye i heard that chicago typewriter offer u as the main female leaad? I really dio hope that you accept this role (if u know that it'll be goodwhile reading the script)... I can't wait for her to do an action drama with either Chang Ji Wook or Lee Song Ki whom I also love. I like Park Shin Hye but I only have seen her in dramas and movies where she always play the same role (with a few modifications), always the pitiful protagonist who is being attacked, bullied, hurt and needs a savior. I want to know are you really that type of sweet cute girl in the real world!!!!!!!! I will agree that somebody says park shin doesn't know how to kiss i hope that in this new drama heirs lee min hu show her because lee min is expert in kissing.... i love park shin hye and she has so much experience in acting and i love her in only thing that is annoying is her kissing scenes in doesnt no how to kiss.i wait that lee min ho in heis show her..hehehehe annyeonghaseyo Park shin hye.. She is my first favorite Korean actress or actress in general. i cant sleep without thinking of you after i saw your drama in He's beautiful it only reminds you. but when saw you iwach hundreds time of dramas..iwant to wach more of you with jang youn suk.. Like your generosity to attribute your glory to your all fellow colleagues, staff & us, your supporters/fans. She is such a bright actress and she deserves more challenging roles. Dear Santa, I really don’t want much for Christmas. And Shin Hye, the arrival of winter calls for your brew warm... You're amazing, & always remember this No one can put a good person down!!!! One of our family highly anticipated dramas is Doctors because there's you Park Shin Hye. She is so great in acting, have kind personality and pretty. watched the episodes of your new drama "doctors" episodes thrice already...i am getting obsessed with th drama..every thing about this drama -story,cast,lead pair chemistry is bang on.. Hi Aiu....not really sure what kind of same characters of PSH did you refer to in all dramas where she was the lead role.... Hoping to see you in another drama soon.with Taecyeon please please!!! as well as those behind the scenes video clips and found you to be someone who is confident yet humble, professional yet easy-going and you take initiative and go beyond established framework. Shin Hye Ssi you've got a lucky to play with Handsome Guys. (사랑 해 요 누너) im your avid fan.since then i started collecting your dramas ..i want to see you with KIM SOO HYUN together in a k-drama..of you was great,,,, the two of you was a good singer.... i wish you and Oppa Min-Ho forever Park Shin Hye and Min Ho are the best Loveteam for me ... i watched all her dramas and her movie miracle no.7. Your positive attitude toward acting is admirable and lovable . We MINSHIN fans would love to see them both date together. actually I like to watch all korean movies and i love to dance korean too...... Hi Park Shin Hyre, I want to say you are doing an excellent job in Pinocchio. At SBS LMH calls her a beautiful pure white Goddess and indeed she is a Goddess to me too.. Park Shin Hye is diligent, versatile, enthusiastic, kind and sexy young girl. Park Shin Hye and Also Submit Korea's Deep Culture beautifully. :) I hope one of the days of my life I can meet her. The tandem with Lee Min Ho in "Heirs" definitely caught the attention of fans worldwide. She strikes me not only as a simple and smart lady but also as a God-fearing person. i hope that you can have another team up with lee min ho (kim tan)of you did great in that drama.you're team up with him is remarkable,full of love and chemistry and i wonder if this can lead to reality cha eun sang.. ^^ ~ I hope shin hye will have more rom-com dramas and movies this year and the next years to come. Kekeke~ Park Shin Hye is an excellent actress even when she was still starting. It is high time for a reunion project for this couple because surely fans all over Asia are waiting for them. I really admired you as an actress, singer and dancer..are great and full of talents no want can turn you down you and have a big heart with those unfortunate people around you..as sweet as you are and we are just here fun of yours believing in your talents..make us happy always. I just want to make this jolly festivities doing things related to Park Shin Hye. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Park Shin Hye & all! "My Annoying Brother" movie that you starred in, tops local box office with over 137,000 moviegoers flocked to theaters for the film premiere that week, per The Korea Herald, . We regularly indulge in binge watching all episodes especially scenes on you. I hope he could make a next drama with Yoo Seungho ! PSH n KRW shares a terrific chemistry n their scenes a treat to watch,,,earlier i was disappionted with shin hyes wait-loss but after watching this episode i think you look even more beautiful now.n .thank u so much for the cast n crew for giving us such a wonderful drama..i hope the ratings climbs up even more in the coming days.wait for the next episode. She was a high school girl (mainly) only in The Heirs. Looking forward to seeing you receiving many more outstanding awards. i hope you'll do good more than this now in another drama. she's real beauty and a great actress..will be my no. I have only watched hearstrings, heirs , pinochhio,princess hours ,flower boy next door , you are beautiful and my girl friend is anine tale fox. In their previous modeling stints with Etude House and their recent The Heirs movie, they looked not only good together but they seemed to have a great chemistry. but this page is all about you because I am your fan too, I all watch your movies and I really like it , but i did'nt see you in person....!!! I am very surprised you can act do welll and yet so natural. Through persistence and hard work, she unlocks the potential of her blessings. Hello Shin; Am a great fan of your movies and the roles you played. It gave me the reason to pursue my dreams devoid of all obstacles and also took up an online Korea language tutorial. You are really pretty lady and your face is innocent. And i think both stars are on their way to world stardom. Congratulations for being the BEST ACTRESS 2016 and more power Congratulations Park Shin Hye for winning 2016 SBS Drama Best Actress & Ten Star Awards "Doctors"! I thought it was not good quality drama cause it was made in 2003. but i would love to see you paired against lee joon gi!! Whatever role she will take, mature and dark or cute and adorkable, I wish the best for her. She was also good with Soo Jang Wook in Kimcheed Radish Cubes where she played as a 23 year old girl who used when she was only 17. Because I'm really hooked on Tree of Heaven and wanting more to see them together. I mean, she even had a fan meeting in the United States! Hi Aiu, When you say same characters, maybe you haven't seen her movies. I agree with Utami, she was a high school girl only in 2 episodes and the rest she is a reporter in her twenties. I like their chemistry here because this is a reality show and there are no scripts..just acts as herself and so simple and humble. I loved her in The Heirs, Pinocchio and You're Beautiful! Wishing you success in all your coming Fan Meetings. am #1 fan of you from Tanzania(KILIMANJARO) Park Shin Hye Ssi Those who criticized you is b,coz they are jealous of you. Hope you would both be real life coupl Keep up the good work. I have seen her in person in Bangkok FM 2014.even Hi5 with her and taken group pictures with her . I really fell in love with it(the heirs) and when boredom and homesickness strikes me(since i am working abroad),i just need to open my laptop or cell phone and keep on replaying your drama. I really hope and pray that MIN-SHIN couple will be real someday. best regards Korean cinema industry listen to me or not,it's your own decision : U have a unique and great talent like her, but why exactly should she always be the secret weapon while she's in fact an unbeatable WAR MACHINE, hey u guys don't waste her talents anymore this way,it will have some bad effects not only on her bright future but also on the whole of this industry's face ,reputation and tomorrow too. She is very meticulous even in her choice of clothes to fit the character she plays. i was really impressed of her acting styles.:) shin hye was not only multi talented but a good heirs is the best drama ever! i hope i can see you in another korean drama with min ho and woo bin.i like your songs.untill now i am very convinced that they are good together and i believe that there is another project for them to do together again. hope to see them both film together again in the future.. although i am an geunshin fan,i still can't deny that you and kimtan have so much chemistry!! hope to see you doing drama with jang geun suk or lee min ho.. I love actresses that are natural beauty and have this innocent side of em. You look absolutely stunning in Jenny Packham white timeless yet contemporary dress. Friends & I were touched and inspired by your acceptance speech during the awards ceremony. And I also hope that she will be able to grow as an actress and not be afraid to take chances. In way back in 2006, PSH is still young so there's a limit but now, she is already adult. Maybe like a rom-com drama this time No worries Ms PSH a true star always shines, no matter what comes your way, just think of it as a challenge bcoz, You spark like a diamond will burn all those challenges. she have a good heart to those who are needy.that's why i really like her down to wish to be a great wife and wonderful mother to her doesn't like to be a famous long term because she want to give way to another young who starting new career.she's not greedy to be a famous she stablish a shin hye center diff.country like ghana and philippines.i think she really kind person in & out..all the best for you shin hye! I keep watching Heartstrings and Flower Boys Next Door. She played a lawyer who tried to clear her dad's name in Miracle in Cell No. One of her best scenes in Pinocchio is when she confronted her mean, cold, reporter mother and repeated word for word of Dal Po said. There is also other movies that she did, like her recent one "Hyung" where she plays the Judo coach. She is still young, so still have many opportunities come her way. Keep being beautiful unnie...inside and out no matter what people or haters say..know who you are! Indulging in your past projects such as Three Meals A Day, Pinocchio, The Royal Tailor, Heirs, Flower Boys Next Door, Heartstrings, Hayate The Combat Butler & the list goes on... i like your role most in THE HEIRS, PINOCCHIO, FLOWER BOY NEXT DOOR and lastly in HEARTSTRINGS. i really really like Park shin hye because shes really nice and she was great actress.. She is so beautiful and slim pictures do not do justice to her beauty..ever smiling and so playful. I really have high hopes for Korean movies , U can reach to the peak of the global screen undoubtedly, Only if U open the doors for more writers and new ideas and specially u need more roles so that u can show the POWER of fiery talents like Ms. :) "Anyone who bear the crown, wear the crown." what kind of crown are you wearing now? And in some of these series, she never fails to showcase her other talents? Park Shin Hye, I hope and pray that God continues to bless her and her loved ones with good health and good fortune. i really love your heirs character cha eun sang.are the best in acting and i love your talents! I also like Kim So Eun, Jin Se Yeon and Han Hyo Joo. I just wish that she and jang Geunsuk be given a chance to play a heavy drama where they could both show off their acting prowess. I just hope she gets drama projects well deserve in her acting skill. 2003 movie directions are not good enough than today's drama. Everyone, please try watch Tree Of Heaven.i wonder who would Park Shin Hye's next leading man would be.. as a well wisher, i wish your next drama project would be with lee joon gi be CAUSE of his maturity as an actor. Her character in doctors was amazing like she's so cool... 7 T_T I'm planning to watch the heirs and pinocchio : D I really love her acting especially in Hayate the Combat Butler adaptation in Taiwanese drama (live action). And she is always good partnering with any of her male leading actors. Because she has a big heart, that's where her beauty is from. Haterz are gonna keep hating saying that Pa rk Shin Hye is not good enough. you are really a good and talented actress..your habit of keeping your mouth open always i dont know if your front two incissors disturbs you but i hope you really work on it because it makes u look awkard nd loose fans.... I really cry watching the Heirs thank you for the movie. im a very fan of park shin hye,, because of her natural beauty and a very nice acting as well,, more of it is your dancing and singing career,, i love all your songs because i love you.... I really have high hopes for Korean movies , U can reach to the peak of the global screen undoubtedly, Only if U open the doors for more writers and new ideas and specially u need more roles so that u can show the POWER of fiery talents like Ms. Then I continued to admire you after Yo're Beautiful.. But I'm totally fall in love with your acting in The Heirs.. I have been to Korea last March and plan to go there on October next year. your big big fan kryzee A very talented and beautiful actress.. Hope to see another project with Lee Min Ho in the future. I'm also dying to see another collaboration between you and Kim Woo Bin.. So far I've only watched flower boy next door, heartstrings, and you're beautiful. You guys should really watch dramas shes in, they're the best! The plot is not out of the ordinary but well-presented thus giving it a tremendous impact on the audience. I hate this Indian person How did Is this person Say Mean things About park shin hye She is a beautiful girl And I love Her drama She is the best actress In Korea Stop hating Indian Don't ever write anything about park shin hye Hi Park Shin hye You're so beautiful and lovely I had the most series that I've watched I like a lot of character And one of my favorite people I'm happy every time I see your picture I've always successful park shin hye is great. i like her in, "He's Beautiful," park shin hye, ur one of the best actress i have seen. she's not Idol she's only actress but She have many International fans. her movie (Miracle of Cell no 7) and her Drama (Flower Boy Next Door) makes me proud of her :) Park Shin Hye is getting more and more beautiful day by day. During the awards ceremony, she always stand out with her simple classic glamorous dress and she also look very confident. All the men who get know Unnie wouldn't loss nad extremely fortunate Unnie, I think Park Shin Hye Unnie and Bae Sung Hyun Oppa was very compatible,,,right??

    Her family consists of her parents and one older brother. I added this korean drama He's beautiful as my treasures. :3 your doing great and hope to see more greatness from you and the rest of the CAST! Imo every actor has good and bad dramas and Park Shin Hye is not an exception; altho i do enjoy quite a lot of her drama (i just adore her so much : P) Her personality is a plus, through all the variety shows that i watched x D. After the ep 1, never seems enough t stop watching n proceed t watch the rest episodes til comin up ep 9. For KRW, u r such a versatile actor frm ur past drama- punch, love story in harvard, a 1000 promise, u portrayed vast different character n yet u did well fr all dramas including Doctors. He is a good actor, so natural and yet so charming. I’m feeling so excited to see you soon on SBS Running Man 19 June Park Shin Hye. Like the happy mood of you and all the passionate, talented and confidence cast during Doctors 1st script reading. That’s SUCCESS.” Can’t wait to see you on 20 June Park Shin Hye. Feel so happy and fun being able to interact with you via [V LIVE] Shin Hye V Live ep 1. At this moment, I don't like to watch drama that is more than 20 episodes. i prayed that one day i wil meet you and tel u how excited i am for u shin hye I love shinhye unnie so much x D she is best actress especially in heartstring and you are beautiful..ofc Pinocchio I want to say To ppl who say that she can't acting well.are just jealous to her because she is best... Iam your no.1 fan always ❤i wish i could meet you in person someday... just keep it up, I like all drama not even excluding anything, most especially. Most recent-"You Are Beautiful"- one word Fantastic! We, your FANta Stic fans, are so proud of you for winning 2014 SBS Awards for Top Excellence Actress Award (Mid-Length Series), for Best Couple Award (with Lee Jong Suk) and for Top Stars Award. I like her and I wish to meet her in future but the problem is i Do not know her language. Pls pray wif me tis movie will hit abv 38% as gd if not better than DOTs. Park Shinhye is so GORGEOUS and her GENEROSITY is like Angelina Jolie and Audrey Hepburn. You have depth in your acting, also have matured as an actress. Most of all I am.carried away by the hot and sizzling chemistry between KRW. Though the session's short but I appreciate your warm and sincere interaction. Look forward to another session with you Park Shin Hye. Just want to tell you how much my family, friends & I really really miss seeing you made your way down the red carpet on 52th Baeksang Awards ceremony 2016. I thinks park shin hey character almost in all her dramas, all is actually similar. She was the one who make me to become kpop fan and of kdrama fans because of her great acting. "The Heir" I nearly cry out for it,,, Good Job I can't wait to wish you for a next coming . Congratulation,, park shin hyw OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [email protected] SO EXCITED FOR YOU WHEN YOU APPEAR IN LEE HONG KI's FIRST SOLO MV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jeremy doesnt need to cry in the bus alone anymore :(((( lee hong ki is my fav idol and i love him so much when i heard he park shin hye is gona be his leading lady in his mv i starring shouting in middle of school lol!!!!! You'll be starring in Lee Hong Ki's solo music video. Jang Keun Suk, Shin-Hye Park, Hong-Ki Lee and Young-Hwa Jung all did a super job! You look so gorgeous in that elegant white gown and so sexy in that sleeveless blue gown. My first Korean drama was Heartstring and I been hook up with Korean drama ever since especially all PSH dramas and movies. It means that we all should wait a year or maybe more for parkshinhye's comeback to drama world... Lafyu i hope u can cast in a variety show like we got married or any others! I love you both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye..to see you and visit again in the philippines:) hi beautiful park shin hye you looks really most beautiful , i love you so much and i really watching your all movies really i like and love your all movie and you ..really i would like to say your stunning park shin hye i m a big fan of yours .. I really hope she can do a drama with Lee Hong Ki soon. You are so kind, cute and beautiful,, you have a great talent, i love the way you sing and also how you dance, you have a graceful move so even a simple dance you make it in a fabulous moves.. PSH you are truly one of the best Korean actress and so talented in so many ways. LAF U If u see korean actress,there are many actress that beautiful than she is so stunning and have many charms.thats why many people love her so much. OH and #yongshin x D So proud of her, wanna know why? im so happy to see you sang my language the Philippines song title Kailan, im hoping that you come back to visit the Philippines so i can see you personally, cause when y0u visit philippines i here in taiwan for work..

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